Mote Park Volunteers’ New Website Offers Park Discounts

Monday, 20th July 2015

Do you love Mote Park? Join the Mote Park Fellowship to help protect the park and get some great discounts! The membership scheme is being launched alongside the group's new website - - to help promote the park and make sure that visitors can get the most from it.

The Mote Park Fellowship is the group of volunteers that looks after and maintains the award-winning Mote Park with Maidstone Borough Council. The Fellowships new website offers information on the park’s history, wildlife and events, and invites visitors to join the group.

In return for a nominal £20 yearly fee, used to support projects in the park, members can receive huge discounts including 20% off in the café, 10% off in the restaurant at Mote House, 50% off courses at the watersports centre on the lake and free tickets for events that take place throughout the year!

The group’s chairman, Simon Ginnaw, believes this is the perfect medium to showcase the park while offering great value to local residents. "The park is an amazing environmental, education and historical resource and being able to share just some of this with the public through our new website is an amazing opportunity. The bonus of being able to offer big discounts to regular visitors to the park is a great way to reward those who support our work".

In these times when there are increasing pressures put on council budgets, Maidstone Borough Council work very closely with the Fellowship to ensure the high standards that visitors expect in the park do not slip. Alan Frith, manager of Mote Park at Maidstone Borough Council said "The work the Fellowship volunteers put into the park is invaluable and without them the park would not be the same welcoming environment for both visitors and wildlife. The council are very grateful for the work that they do in the park. Their new website and membership scheme give visitors the opportunity to get involved and learn more about this fantastic park. We hope that the Fellowships new website helps introduce new volunteers and visitors to the wide range of opportunities available in the park."

Having recently been voted the UK's second favourite park in the Keep Britain Tidy's Green Flag scheme, the Fellowship are looking for new volunteers to help maintain the high standards visitors expect.

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