About Us

The Mote Park Fellowship is a group of volunteers who look after and maintain Mote Park in cooperation with the council.

Covering over 180 hectares, the park is freely accessible to the public and requires constant work to maintain. Due to government funding cuts, the council's budget for open spaces is increasingly stretched, so work by our volunteer is more and more important every year.

Who We Are

Mote Park Fellowship & Maidstone Borough
                    Council the receiving Green Flag award in October 2014
Mote Park Fellowship & Maidstone Borough Council receiving the Green Flag award in October 2014

The Mote Park Fellowship is a mix of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds including retired couples, company directors and young students.

We are very proud to engage directly with rehabilitation charities and groups to ensure the park is enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Currently a not-for-profit organisation, we are looking to achieve charitable status to help encourage further funding and to help donations go further.

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What We Do

Mote Park Fellowship volunteers
Mote Park Fellowship volunteers at the Stargazing event; March 2015

Working closely with the Maidstone Borough Council, our group works to encourage biodiversity within the park, and to ensure that the park is a safe environment to enhance the life of local residents.

Most of our projects involve maintaining the existing features of the park including the River Len, the lake, perimeter fencing and the footpaths throughout the park.

Finding out more about some of the projects we're involved with.

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Our Meetings

Mote House in Mote Park
Mote House in Mote Park, 2014.

Our group meets one a month at the beautiful Mote House within Mote Park.

This is an ideal opportunity to meet with representatives from Maidstone Borough Council to ensure that the park is a safe environment and to update both teams on current projects.

We are always open to new members, including those from other organisations within the park, so this is an ideal opportunity for the group to act on behalf of the park as a whole.

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Our group survives on donations from the public.

While our membership is a great way to financially support us in return for benefits, making a donation is also very important.

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