What We Do

Our voluntary group works closely with the Maidstone Borough Council to look after and maintain Mote Park in Maidstone.

Mote Park Fellowship volunteers
Mote Park Fellowship volunteers at the Stargazing event; March 2015

Our volunteers aim to create a well-maintained and safe environment to enhance the quality of life of local residents.

We engage in many projects through the calendar year, some of which include:

River Len - Old Stone Bridge
The River Len is classified as a major waterway and the de-silting here requires the approval and part-funding by the Environment Agency. This is an on-going project.

River Len - Between the lake & Turkey Mill
Twice a year, our volunteers engage in clearance work. This is the major waterway exiting the park and its operation is vital during winter months.

River Len - Between Willington Street & the lake
As above, this requires clearance and maintenance twice a year to ensure a clear flow through the park.

Waterfall - Maintenance
The waterfall requires twice yearly maintenance including repairs. Not only is it very scenic, but the waterfall provides a major foothold for biodiversity.

Waterfall - Reed Bed
The reed bed near the waterfall needs reinstating before each Spring. Not only is this useful for biodiversity but it helps reduce the effects of pollution from upstream. This work is conducted alongside the Maidstone Borough Council.

Waterfall - Desilting
The natural feature of a waterfall results in the buildup of silt that must be managed to ensure the flow of water and good oxygenation of the water.

Stock Fencing
Repairs and maintenance to fencing throughout the park is always required and is an on-going project.

Mote Park Fellowship volunteers
Mote Park Fellowship volunteers engaged in scrub work; 2014

The footpaths are obviously used by everyone in the park and they require on-going maintenance including edging, staking and surfacing.

Wild Flower Meadows
The group hopes to grow wild flower meadows in the park which requires two acres to be rotavated and sowed.

Scrub Tree Removal
New trees are removed to ensure sufficient nutrients remain in the soil for established trees. This is an ongoing project.