Mote Park

Opening Times:
Monday to Sunday: 8am to dusk
Pedestrians: Access All Day

Mote Park, Mote Avenue, Maidstone, Kent ME15 7SU

Mote Park has existed as an entity since the 13th Century and has been owned by many people including the royal family and the founder of Royal Dutch Shell oil company.

Now spanning over 180 hectares, the park is freely accessible to the public and is an ideal location for the whole family.

The park includes natural features (such as grassland, woodland rivers & a lake), activities (such as children's play areas, skate park, dino golf, Sky Trail, climbing wall, watersports centre & leisure centre) and historical features (such as Mote House, the walled garden and a small waterfall).

We hope you enjoy the park and exploring all it has to offer.


Mote Park main entrance
The main entrance to Mote Park from Mote Avenue in Maidstone; © Google

The main entrance to the park, accessible by car and foot from Mote Avenue, leads to the main car park, café and children's play area. The park is also accessible by car from the Leisure Centre and the Willington Street Park & Ride entrance.

If traveling on foot, you will find several pedestrian access points located around the park's perimeter.

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Engraving by JP Neale; 1825
An engraving of Mote Park by JP Neale dated 1825.

Mote Park is steeped in history with strong links to the mother of the royal family, the Hundreds Years' War with France, the Royal Dutch Shell oil company, the main land invasion of World War 2 and even Winston Churchill himself.

Find out more about the historical links to the park, as well as how the park has changed over the years.

We host 2-3 heritage open days each year.

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Things To See & Do

Model railway
Visitors enjoying a 30p ride on the model railway.

The park has dozens of activities to entertain the whole family; from open grassland & a children's play area, to a model railway, activity adventure zone & watersports centre. There is also a cricket club & rugby club should you want to sit down with a drink on the weekend.

For those aged 55 & over, there is a fine dining restaurant and a health & well-being centre, both located at Mote House.

We're confident there's something in the park that you didn't know was there!

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Report It

Report It using your mobile phone
Report something you have seen while you are in the park.

If you have seen something in Mote Park that you want to bring to our attention, then you can use our Report It form and optionally include a photo.

This doesn't have to be something bad, it can be something fantastic like a rare mammal or bird that you saw while in the park.

Whatever you have seen, feel confident that you can report it to us. If it is something negative, then we'll look into it. If it's something positive, then let us share the excitement together!

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Park Behaviour

A family enjoying Mote Park
A family enjoying Mote Park. © Explore Kent.

The park is enjoyed by over 1.4m visitors each year and each of them comes to the park to relax and enjoy themselves.

We expect all visitors to treat each other, and the park's wildlife, with respect & consideration and this includes keeping control of pets while in the park.

We've drawn up a loose list of what we expect but if you have any questions then do please ask us.

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Hire The Park

BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend at Mote Park
BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend; 10th May 2008. © Max Montagut

Mote Park covers over 180 hectares and its central location in Maidstone and easy access to the M20 and rail links to London make it a popular venue for a variety of events.

The park has been used for everything from food & drink events to large concerts and music festivals.

Find out more on how to apply to use the park for your next event and how we might be able to support your application.

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