Dedicate A Tree

A gift that keeps on growing ...

Download our 'Dedicate A Tree' PDF

By planting trees with the Mote Park Fellowship, you can help to restore areas that will grow rich in wildlife and be protected for future generations.

You will also be supporting our voluntary not-for-profit group that helps maintain Mote Park in cooperation with the borough council.

All trees will be maintained and guaranteed for up to five years, including replacing and replanting if required.

Each tree will be planted in a specific area of the park that will ensure it blends with the natural surroundings and adds to the immediate environment.

Simply contact us if you have a specific area of the park that you would like to dedicate a tree. We will let you know the species of trees that are available.

Each tree will be purchased, planted, double-staked with a water pipe to the root ball and maintained.

It is also guaranteed for the first five years. Should the tree fail within that time, a replacement will be purchased and replanted at no extra cost.

Each dedication will be added to our Dedicated Tree page of our website, showing a location of your tree and a short description of the dedication. It will also be added to the permanent records of Mote Park ensuring your dedication is secure for all time.

Trees are planted Nov-Jan to increase success rates and allow them to establish before the warmer growing seasons.