Fungi in Mote Park

Chicken Of The Woods fungi
Laetiporus Sulphureus, or Chicken Of The Woods, fungi found on trees.

Fungi play a vital role in the ecosystem of Mote Park and over 50 varieties have been identified.

Not only do they provide food for invertebrates, mammals and birds, but fungi also help break down tree matter including dead wood and leaves. This helps free nutrients for new life and fresh growth in the coming year.

Although fungi can be found in almost any habitat in the park, they can best be found in woodlands and meadows.

Some of the most interesting specimens found in the park include the Chicken Of The Woods, Stinkhorn, Turkey Tails and Brain Fungi.

Next time you are in the park walking through a meadow, near a wooded area or a fallen tree, take a closer look and explore what you'd otherwise be missing.