Mammals in Mote Park

Roe Deer
Roe Deer have been spotted in Mote Park late at night.

At least 28 different mammal species have been recorded in Mote Park.

The Mote was one of Kent's earliest deer parks, but unfortunately the 150 strong herd was lost during the Second World War. We do get occasional visitors venturing into the park so keep your eyes peeled when you go for a walk.

As you walk through the woodlands and along the hedgerows listen for the squeaking and rustling of the voles, shrews and mice, as they hunt for food. These in turn are food for the park’s foxes, weasels and stoats.

A child tracking bats with a bat detector; © Wildlife Trusts.

Mote Park is one of the best places in Kent for bats. The woodlands, old parkland trees and the lake form a patchwork of bat friendly habitats for hunting and roosting. Over 10 species have been recorded in the past 10 years, and we are continuing to learn new things about the lives of the bats in Mote Park.

Why not look at the list of events for a chance to encounter these mysterious creatures of the night.